Vespa Cloud Pricing

Vespa charges by the machine resources you allocate to your application each hour.
No other costs: Everything you need to develop and run secure, highly available production applications is included.

NodesvCPUMemory GBDisk GBGPU memory GB
with committed spend

Pricing details

Each support level sets a unit price for machine resources. You'll be charged for the resources allocated to the application at each point in time. These are the resources specified in services.xml for production clusters, and scaled-down versions of these resources for other zones (either explicitly deployed or ephemeral for tests). In addition, Vespa Cloud may temporarily allocate resources for necessary operational tasks such as migration off failed nodes or migration due to node type changes.

You are only charged for container and content clusters, all control plane resources are provided at no additional cost.

Unit prices decrease linearly with the amount of total resources allocated to the application across all clusters, up to a 50% reduction (83% on enclave). Enclave prices are lower since your own cost for compute resources comes in addition. Enabling enclave for a tenant requires a minimum spend of $10k/month across the tenant's applications.

Committed spend is for a year (no prepayment). The amount committed will give a 15% discount (8% on enclave).

We reserve the right to pass on network ingress/egress costs from cloud providers for externally imposed traffic if these are in excess of the range of reasonable usage by Vespa applications.