Vespa Cloud: Let the world's expert on Big Data Serving take care of the serving part.

Running big data applications is hard: it combines requirements for high availability, consistent low latency, and distributed state and computation. Outsource it to a team that has as their sole priority to do it well, and which has been at it for many years! It is as easy as deploying your application on the Vespa cloud service available in AWS regions around the world.

What you get:

  • Your Vespa applications are managed by the world’s most experienced big data serving operations team - the Vespa operations team monitors and analyzes the systems 24/7.
  • You are automatically and safely kept on the latest production proven version of Vespa and OS — ensuring security, and availability of the latest Vespa features with no effort required on your part. A new release of Vespa is usually installed four times a week.
  • Strong security by default: all external and internal communications is secured with mutual TLS with application-specific certificates. All applications run on dedicated containers with an isolated network.
  • Application support with response by the next business day by the team that develops Vespa.
  • Convenient and fast application development by deploying any number of development copies of your application, with seconds of turnaround time, to a development environment.
  • Application changes are continuously, quickly and safely deployed to production.
  • All the Vespa features are available just as they would be in a self-hosted application, just without the effort of operating and securing it.