The easiest, safest and most cost effective way to run your Vespa applications.

Whether you just need to quickly deploy some experiments, or run an always available world-wide production system handling thousand of requests per second, the Vespa Cloud will fit your needs.


We'll keep your system running so you can focus on innovation.
Next-day support from the Vespa experts included.
Immediate, automatic and safe deployments of application changes.
Hardened OS and VM. All communication secured with mTLS.
Reduce cost by letting applications scale automatically with usage.
Receive features, fixes, and performance improvements daily.
Typically reduces cost by 50%
Let developers experiment with their own applications in seconds.

Proactive 24/7 operations

Let your applications be operated by the team that's building Vespa and has years of experience operating it. Setting up a Vespa instance for production is not hard, but operating securely and with high availability over time is challenging.


The Vespa cloud is already running business critical applications on behalf of many organizations, handling about half a million user requests per second. It performs all routine operations tasks automatically, which ensures they are performed in a timely fashion, following best practices, every time.


World-class support

Using the Vespa Cloud gives you access to the world's best Vespa support, period, and there's no other way to buy it. This is because this support is provided by the team that develops Vespa, and we prefer to provide support in an environment which we know is operated according to best practices.


Just by using the Vespa Cloud, at no extra cost, you get access to next-business day support from the Vespa team.


Automatic, safe continuous deployment

Continuous deployment - automatically deploying changes as they are made to the application source - has emerged as a best practice across the industry because deploying small increments quickly lowers risk and increases efficiency. However, following this practice on stateful, distributed, always-available systems like Vespa is challenging.


The Vespa cloud provides continuous deployment for all applications with strong safety features and application controls, making this actually work for always-on mission critical systems.


Strong security. Always.

Keeping online services secure is a never ending task. With the Vespa Cloud you get strong security by default at no additional cost. Application security is an area which must be taken seriously, especially in systems storing and exposing data, and require dedicated experts to do well.


With the Vespa Cloud your application is secured with no additional effort required.


Automatically scale to meet your demand

You want your application to use as few resources as possible to minimize cost, but at the same time you don't want to run out of resources when traffic is high or you feed more data.


The Vespa Cloud allows you to get both things at once by offering autoscaling on all clusters. This can often save 50% of cost of an application by keeping it scaled to its actual needs at all times.


Automatically keep your Vespa version and OS up to date

You want to keep your applications running on the latest certified version of Vespa to get bug fixes, performance improvements and new features. And to make your service secure you must keep your Vespa and OS patch version up to date.


With Vespa Cloud, upgrading and OS patching is a solved problem you never worry about: It just happens - regularly and safely - with no effort on your part.


Performance tuning by the Vespa experts

Tuning performance on systems that mixes computation and data is a unique challenge with many interesting subtleties. Expert tuning using live instrumentation can often reduce cost by 50%. Included when you deploy to the Vespa Cloud is participation in the Vespa tune-up program where our experts analyze your application for potential gains regularly at least yearly.


Developer Cloud

Developer productivity is key to success for any organization. To be effective developers should be able to experiment with new applications or copies of ones running in production in seconds, but this is far from the reality most places.


The Vespa Cloud lets developers deploy new applications and application copies by a single command, ensuring they can spend their time productively.


Try out developing with the Vespa Cloud today! No credit card required.