An application can be deployed to a zone, which is a combination of an environment and a region. This lists all the zones which can be deployed to manually (dev and perf), deployed to in production using deployment.xml (prod), or which is implicitly used to verify prod deployments (test and staging):

dev aws-us-east-1c
dev gcp-us-central1-f
perf aws-us-east-1c
test aws-us-east-1c
test gcp-us-central1-f
prod aws-us-east-1c
prod aws-us-west-2a
prod aws-eu-west-1a
prod aws-ap-northeast-1a
prod gcp-europe-west3-b
prod gcp-us-central1-f

If the deployment requires zones not listed here, contact Vespa Cloud Support.

If the application requires zone-specific configuration, use environment and region variants.