Vespa Cloud Pricing

Vespa Cloud pricing is simple and transparent. All customers receive all our features and services, and we charge a fee proportional to the size of the application, summed over three dimensions:

Per vcpu hour: $0.11
Per memory Gb hour: $0.011
Per disk Gb hour: $0.0004
Per gpu-memory Gb hour: $0.075

This is the only charge and includes everything you need to run production services with confidence:

24/7 operations
Continuous deployment
Automatic Vespa/OS upgrades
Strong security
Performance tune-up program eligibility
Development cloud

Contact us for priority support, committed resources at lower cost, or other pricing requests.

The fine print

In production zones you are charged for the resources specified in services.xml for the duration the application is deployed. If the resources are specified as ranges (autoscaling), you are charged for what is actually allocated within the ranges, at each point in time. In dev and test zones, applications will automatically be downscaled to reduce cost, and charges are by the actual downscaled usage summed over time.

In addition, we reserve the right to pass on network ingress/egress costs incurred by application usage initiated explicitly by you, at standard AWS prices, for cases where the network usage is much higher than in a typical Vespa application.

No other costs will be charged.

Free Trial

You can start a free trial for 14 days at any time - no credit card required!