Vespa Cloud Pricing


Vespa charges by the machine resources allocated to applications in three dimensions:

Per vcpu hour: $0.09
Per memory Gb hour: $0.009
Per disk Gb hour: $0.0003


Proactive, automated world-class 24x7 operations of applications
Automated, continuous, safe deployments of application changes
Development and Performance Cloud
Support plan
Vespa performance tune-up program
Automated continuous upgrades of Vespa platform / OS
Strong security out of the box

In production zones, the resources allocated are precisely what specified in services.xml for the duration the application is deployed. If auto-scaling is used, resources will be optimized within specified ranges.

In dev and test zones, applications will by default be downscaled. Application owners will be charged for the capacity actually used. In test zones, applications will only allocate resources while tests are running.

In addition to machine resource costs, network costs incurred by applications are passed on at standard AWS prices. These depend only on how applications are used.


All Vespa Cloud applications are limited to 5 nodes in size by default. Contact support to increase the quota.