Deleting Applications

Deleting an application

To delete an application, use the console:

delete production deployment

When the application deployments are deleted, delete the application in the console. Remove the CI job that builds and deploys application packages, if any.

Deleting an instance / region

To remove an instance or a deployment to a region from an application:

  1. Remove the region from prod, or the instance from deployment in deployment.xml:

     <deployment version="1.0">
             <!-- Removing the deployment in the region 'aws-eu-west-1a' -->
  2. Add or modify validation-overrides.xml, allowing Vespa Cloud to remove production instances:

        <allow until="2021-03-01" comment="Remove region/instance ...">deployment-removal</allow>
        <!-- If the region was part of a global endpoint/instance had a global endpoint: -->
        <allow until="2021-03-01" comment="Remove region/instance ...">global-endpoint-change</allow>
  3. Build and deploy the application package.